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Weekly Outfit: A Suit Is To Women What Wholesale Corsets Is To Men

Weekly Outfit: A Suit Is To Women What Wholesale Corsets Is To Men

There sexy lingerie supplier will come a time and an age when obscenity laced streetwear just won’t fully cut it anymore. With adulthood comes a partner, a home, and hopefully a successful career. If you finally get to that stage, you don’t need to concern yourself with impressing a wife to be, forget about her she’s already in the bag. Who you do need to be concerned with impressing is other men. Because you’re a man now. You want to be the kind of man who’s comfortable with tightly grasping onto another mans wrist as you share philosophical notions, even if the other other man isn’t. Or stood together after an all men’s luncheon, sharing a mic into which you’re both singing a classy rendition of Frank Sinatra. What makes it classy? YOU MAKE IT CLASSY. These are exactly the kind of things that get you invited to The Sartorialist’s Lunch for 25, which Scott Schuman recently hosted for the third time. The ultimate style accolade.

Fashion week reports are Wholesale Sexy Underwear always peppered with images of healthy suit inspiration, inspiration being the not too distant sartorial cousin of envy. And despite these lingering around online, inspiring lame Tumblr memes suggesting ‘A Suit Is To Women What Lingerie Is To Men,’ I see no more of this tailoring in real life. But as the years pass so the times are changing, we hope, otherwise chances are you’ll end up an aged Ed Hardy. Out of style and out the loop.

Burberry Prorsum Wool, Silk and Linen Jacket

A good start to some formal suiting is a tailored jacket. Try not to ease yourself in by wearing it over a t shirt, you’re not Ryan Gosling. Don’t wimp out on this, if you’re gonna do it then you’re gonna need to commit. And things aren’t so scary when they come in the form of this textured wool, silk and linen mix grey Burberry Prorsum jacket. It’s part of a suit, so you can get yourself the matching bottoms if you’ve got a formal event to attend, because let’s face it, none of you are actually gonna buy this thing, are you? But still, it’s nice to imagine you would, and it will hang nicely amongst the many other suit jackets you have, just because that’s the kind of guy you are now. Available now over at Mr Porter.

Oliver Spencer Jet Slim Fit Shirt

A short sleeved red linen shirt? A short sleeved red linen shirt. If that wasn’t answer enough, then let me just tell you that this one is actually slim fit and nicely well made, and if you pull it off right then you’ll totally have sprezzatura or whatever the fuck that Italian word is that all the trendy menswear blogs are using right now. Also, linen is a natural breathable fabric which will make things way less painful when you start to sweat under the pressure of hanging around with all your new super high flying fashion mates. Get hold of this Oliver Spencer shirt now from Mr Porter.

Thom Browne Men’s Check Socks

Accessories, here’s where the fun really starts. If your kind of fun involves honing in on any empty gaps in your outfit and finding something that coordinates with the rest of your outfit to fill it. Don’t see it as a chore, see it as something you enjoy. That’s what my Mum used to tell me about swimming lessons, and look at me now, I occasionally swim usually only when I’m on holiday and it’s hot enough for me not to regret my decision. These check socks by Thom Browne even feature a tri-stripe ribbon tab. How can you regret anything that features a tri-stripe ribbon tab. You can find a pair online from Oki-Ni.

A.P.C Rescue Jeans

So, yeah, this is a pair of jeans. The amount of design and technology that goes into a pair of jeans these days pretty much puts them on a par with tailoring. Perhaps even ahead, I know I’m more familiar with denim terminology than tailoring terminology even if I still don’t even know what selvage means. If you wear a badly made pair of jeans with a suit jacket it’s next to blasphemy, but worse, because you look like you belong in a second hand book store. But if get yourself a pair like these A.P.C jeans then you’ve got a strong look on your hands. Buy them now from Oi Polloi.

Mark McNairy Brown Suede Brogues

Mark McNairy’s collections vary between street wear and smart wear designs. If there were to be a venn diagram with street wear on one side and smart wear on the other, he would definitely be sitting in the crossover bit in the middle. His shoes take a typically brogue like form but often include unusual design features that send them spinning towards street wear. See his 2011 collection where on the sole ‘Fuck Off’ was written in beautiful gold italics. This pair of suede brown brogues are a classic style featuring a red ridgeway sole. Buy them now online from The Great Divide.

Mismo Nylon Briefcase

An easy way to emulate the style of a suit-wearer is to emulate his lifestyle – or at least look like you are. Carry this nylon Mismo briefcase and for all everybody knows you have come straight from THE most important business deal, which of course you sealed. Or you’re just about to go to one. Or just because it’s slightly bigger than your average leather briefcase, maybe you’ve got some extra belongings in there and you’re just about to jet off to Vienna, why Vienna? Who cares why Vienna, it’s a place in Europe and you have to go there so let’s check in next week for dinner, I’ll get my people to call your people, take care, bye. Buy it online from Tres Bien.

Yves Saint Laurent Pocket Square

People aren’t even calling these things handkerchiefs any more. It’s like when everybody in fashion starting singularising everything and noone was really sure why, but everyone did it because everyone else did it and before you knew it you were just putting on your pant. Start wearing this Yves Saint Laurent Pocket Square in your top pocket and you can get involved in a whole new art – the art of pocket square folding. Well dressed men are always so cultured. Get it now from Ssense.

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